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Long Bien district, Introduction to Long Bien district

Long Bien district, Introduction to Long Bien district Long Bien District is an urban district of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Long Bien was incorporated as an urban district in 2003 from the northwestern portion of Gia Lam district adjacent to the city center. An array of attractions, including Gia Lam Airport, Long Bien Golf Course, Gia Lam, is a must-see […]

Dong Da district, Introduction to Dong Da district

Dong Da district is one of the four original district of Hanoi city. Located in the southwest of central Hanoi.  Dong Da is big and borders five other districts: Ba Dinh district, Cau giay district, Thanh Xuan district, Hai Ba Trung district, Hoan Kiem district. This area has more of an urban atmosphere than Hoan […]

Introduction to Hai Ba Trung district

Hai Ba Trung district is is the most populous urban district of  Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. This district is established as one of the first four central districts of the city. It borders Dong Da district, Hoan Kiem district and Hoang Mai district. Some of Vietnam’s largest universities are located here such as […]

Introduction to Cau Giay District

Geographical location Cau Giay District is in the West of the inner city of Hanoi, with the land of Thang Long. It is a land of thousands of years of history with the Red River civilization. It bordered Dong Da and Ba Dinh districts in the North, Tu Liem district in the West, Thanh Xuan […]

Introduction to Hoan Kiem district

Hoan Kiem District is in the central part of Hanoi Capital, bodered with Dong Da District in the West, Ba Dinh District and Dong Da District in the Northwest, Hai Ba Trung District in the South. Along the North to the South is Red River, beyond the river (the East) is Gia Lam District. Infrastructures […]

Introduction to Ba Dinh district

Ba Dinh is one of 12 urban districts of Hanoi and is one of four central districts of the capital. It is the place which holds many important offices of Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular. Geographical location Its administrative locations are bordered with Tay Ho District in the North, Dong Da District in […]

Introduction to Tay Ho district

I. GENERAL INTRODUCTION Tay Ho District is located in the Northwest of Hanoi Capital, considered as a serviced-travel center, a cutural center and a natural protection area of the whole Hanoi city. The total area is about 24 km2, consists of 8 wards (Buoi, Quang An, Nhat Tan, Yen Phu, Thuy Khue, Tu Lien, Xuan […]